Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't Expect Any Lyricism Here. Just Cut to the Links.

I am not supposed to be reading media gossip right now, let alone to be posting. I have papers I'm flailing around about like a flopping fish. But this is the best thing I've read in, like, 2 years. Colbert is AMAZING. He spent 20 minutes at the White House Press Dinner, on the dais, next to W, lambasting him and the POS press corps. You NEED to read the entire thing-- it's ludicrous and truthful. Is there a word that captures both of those adjectives?

Predictably, press persons have gone ballistic. Apparently Colbert was too critical, he crossed some line or something. That's sour, soulless grapes. Where were they three years ago?

[In the near future (read: after school), I will dedicate a week of posts to Her Most Excellent Divess, Helen Thomas.]


Blogger Bobby said...

You can download the video from various sites on the internet and I would heartily recommend it. I thought it was superb, incisive and witty. It didn't go down to well but what do you expect when a person tells the entire white house press corps that he has nothing but contempt for them?

What amazes me is that people were surprised at what he did - it's not as if he shies away from those sorts of things on his own show...

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