Sunday, June 18, 2006

La Tourbillon de la Vie

Jonathan and I have become obsessed with the song La Tourbillon de la Vie. It consists of two alternating melodies, each, impossibly, sweeter than the last. I suppose its melodic structure reflects its narrative, about two lovers who meet and part and meet and part a nd finally meet.

Vanessa Paradis has a rendition, but Jeanne Moreau's, in the Truffaut film Jules et Jim-- available here-- wholly captivates.


Blogger Irina said...

Pooj, I'm so blue that you're posting so rarely these days. All of my knowledge about world events was coming from your blog, now I'm a terrible bore at parties.

I also miss you, so I'm harboring secret wishes that you'll drop your bar studies and come play in NY soon.

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